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Verifone Mx925 Multimedia Consumer Facing Terminal M177-509-01-R (PCI 4.0)

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The Verifone MX925 payment terminal helps influence consumers' buying decisions by enabling merchants to show consumers targeted video and promotional presentations at the point of sale. With clear, colorful multimedia promotions shown on a stunning 7" color display - the large and high-resolution display in the industry - merchants can dazzle customers with graphics of the products and offers.

The high-speed powerful processor and generous memory allocation supports full studio showcase promotions and video advertisements to help boost sales and levels of service. The MX 925 engages consumers with streamed media and visual promotions to encourage consumer ­ interaction and support loyalty and promotional programs - ultimately improving consumer satisfaction and increasing revenue.


NFC Antenna

Power Supply P/N PWR132-003-01-A

New I/O Block P/N P132-602-00-R

License and Application Fee