Can You Juggle 3 Balls?

In the book The Complete Juggler, by Dave Finnigan the discussion of how to juggle three balls doesn't start till page 26!  The entire book is 574 pages.  Now that is some in-depth discussion on juggling.  In juggling, the basics are so important, that if skipped the rest of the book is useless.  It is important to get a good 26 pages of the basics perfected before you even pickup a ball, much less a club or an axe. <Insert Metaphor> Training a new hire, a new sales rep, and a temporary consultant is an important part of a successful relationship.  If you skip the hard stuff at the beginning, the outcome won't be what you want.  You might catch a few balls, but it's not juggling. As we say in the baseball and juggling world, the throw is as important as the catch.  If you want to learn how to juggle, click here for the four steps from the book. 

When you are ready to move on to juggling clubs, go to page 220.  Here is what it says about juggling clubs.

"By now you know enough about juggling to know that there is only one rule - "KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT!"  This rule has a corollary - "TURN ALL DROPS INTO OPPORTUNITIES." 

Turn those drops into opportunities!