PIG Deployment Services

Introducing THE PIG - your Personal Inventory Group.

Deployment Solutions Tailored for Success

We are excited to introduce 'The PIG' – your Personal Inventory Group. Other people call it COE (Customer Owned Equipment) or COW (Customer Owned Warehouse).
This innovative storage solution is designed to keep your equipment organized and ready for deployment. Enjoy complimentary storage for any equipment purchased through DCCSupply. Or send in your inventory for storage and refurbishment.

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The PIG Process
1.Sign Off on Pricing, Billing Terms, & Timing
2.Determine Device Inbound Needs
3.Bulk RMA vs. Merchant RMA
4.Ordering, Deployment, Shipping

In-House Refurbishment Expertise
Our refurbishment process is primarily conducted in-house, ensuring that terminals and pinpads are restored to their optimal condition.  All refurbished equipment is meticulously cleaned, cleared, and packaged with no DCCS branding.  We also can provide your labeling.

We will deploy the equipment as you send in orders to us.  You can send in orders via web orders, backend order systems, email, or our custom shared order page.  API integration is coming soon. You have access to live PIG reports, live reporting, live tracking, and live serial number lookup.  With an in-house encryption facility we can encrypt and deploy in the same day.

From start to finish we communicate throughout any medium necessary. We communicate via Teams, email, phone, text, and work orders.  Problems that come up with downloads are responded to directly to your team from our tech team directly.  We schedule project weekly/monthly calls.

Get Started
To get started with a conversation on setting up a PIG at DCCSupply, please reach out to us.  You will be amazed at the speed we can set you up and start deploying.

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