“I get so many compliments on this stand, especially from other business owners. I have a Verifone VX520 w/o a pin pad. I think it would work fine with a pin pad as well. It is screwed down into the counter with 4 screws. It swivels to the customer to enter their pin. It is very sturdy and gets all the clutter of cables off the counter.”

Anne F.

United States

“Very good quality! Transactions are much faster and I can easily swivel the terminal to face the customer during checkout.”


United States

“Definitely worth the money! This thing is well thought swivels, turns, rotates, everything that is necessary to make the credit card terminal readily accessible and completely ergonomic to your money making workstation. Once fastened to the counter or desk top, this stand is solid and stable and keeps your terminal in place so you can slide your chip card in or slide it with one hand.”


United States