Duration Plus Intensity Drives Results

I was in a spin class the other day, and the instructor said,

"Duration plus intensity drives results."

Well, that is definitely true on the spin bike, and I loved the way the phrase sounded. It was the perfect phrase in five words to say if you're a spin instructor. It is simple to say when you are slightly out of breath and trying to get your class to focus on the activity. The trouble is remembering these little inspirational nuggets after the class, so I tend to put them in my phone during the class. I know I'm getting looks from others, but I don't care because "this is for the greater good," I think to myself.

Wellgood for you and for me that this inspirational nugget was still in my phone for me to tell you about. "Duration plus intensity drives results" can be used in sales, marketing, management, tech services, repair services, processing, support, and customer service. It's not that you have been doing something for a long time that got you to where you are but that you were intense along the way as you got there. We all might have different levels of intense, but I think you can feel the right amount of intense when it is near.

It is the person that is moving, active, engaged, aware, and ready who truly drives results.

This reminds me of my father's license plate. He is a lifelong salesman who also hocked souvenirs outside Yankee Stadium in the time of Mickey and Yogi.

-You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass-