First Data FD150 Repair Service

First Data FD150 Repair Service

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Repair and Encryption Services for FD150.

Diagnosis and repair with turnaround in 6-8 weeks. 

 Call us for an RA# before sending in your product. Price includes unlock, clean, bag and box.

If we cannot repair the device, you can receive the device back or we can scrap it for you. You will receive a refund of your charge if we do not repair it.

Repair and Refurbishment:

Includes diagnostics, full refurbishment of cosmetic parts as needed and replacement of weak or faulty parts and labor.

Each device received for repair & refurbishment services is thoroughly tested and checked by a factory trained technician. 

If a device requires additional repair services, you will be notified and asked to approve any charges greater than our normal repair price.

Encryption: $30/each. Please include the number of terminals you are sending in for Encryption.