Clover Flex Repair Service

Clover Flex Repair Service

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Diagnosis and repair in 15 Business Days. Typical turnaround is 5 days.  

$85 Base Repair Fee. This service is for the repair of one major issue of the Clover Flex. Multiple repairs within the same device will be charged according to the table below.   If we cannot repair the device, we will charge $20 for diagnosis and refund the $65 difference. If the repair is more than $85, we will contact you. 

Below is a price list of services we can repair on the Clover Flex. 
If you know you need the Battery replaced please choose the Battery repair pulldown.  If you know upfront there are multiple issues please choose the multiple options pulldown. For example: 

  • Battery + $50 additional

Your service covers one of these major repairs.  Multiple major repairs will be charged an additional fee of $50 per grouping.

  • Printer replacement, arms, housing, cover, roller, & gear 
  • Printer Power Port, Volume Button, Side Power Button
  • Printer Back Cover & Outer Shell
  • Printer Camera
  • We cannot repair the swiper, screen, or chip card.
  • Note: For all repairs excluding printer roller and gear, PIN debit will be disabled during the process. 
  • We do not provide telephone repair support for Clover repairs.

Read Below for Repair Service Procedure

New Procedure from First Data: Any device opened for repair will be locked down to the current merchant account. Once repaired, the Clover POS cannot be transferred to another customer or it will show as tampered. 

Any repair of a Clover device must continue to be used by the merchant account currently in the device.

You cannot switch merchant accounts once a Clover device is repaired by DCCS.

What does this mean?  If you have a broken Clover Flex Printer at Bob’s Deli, and DCCS repairs it, you must redeploy this device to Bob’s Deli.  You cannot now deploy this device at Janice’s Deli.  The device will tamper and become unusable.  DCCS is not responsible for any tampers in this situation.

For all repairs excluding printer roller and gear, PIN debit will be disabled during the process.  DCCS does not have a way to get PIN debit reenabled.

There is a possibility that the device will become tampered during the repair process. If this occurs, the device will still be usable: for credit transactions only, not for PIN debit. 

If you have questions, please contact our support at


  1. Purchase this Repair Item. Order one for each device.
  2. Click HERE to print out the repair slip form
  3. Please fill out the form and put it in the box with the device.  
  4. Write your order # on the outside of the box. 
  5. Ship to: DCCS Repairs, 720 Anthony Trail, Northbrook, IL 60062

    What happens after DCCS received the device?

    1. We will diagnose the device, to make sure that the problem can be repaired.
    2. You will receive an email invoice with the diagnosis and the total cost.
    3. Once this is paid, we will complete the repair.
    4. We will ship to you the device, and provide to you a tracking number.

    IMPORTANT:  If we are unable to repair the device we will let you know.  At that point you have two options. #1 - Have the product returned to you, or #2 - We will securely dispose of the device.