Clover Mini Repair Service

Clover Mini Repair Service

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Diagnosis and repair in 15 Business Days. 

$55 Minimum. 

If we cannot repair the device, we will charge $20 for diagnosis and refund the $35 difference. If the repair is more than $55, we will contact you. 

Read Below for Repair Service Procedure

New Procedure from First Data: Any device opened for repair will be locked down to the current merchant account. Once repaired, the Clover POS cannot be transferred to another customer or it will show as tampered.

If you have questions, please contact our tech department at (847)266-1220 x. 105. 

Once we receive and diagnose your repair, you will receive an invoice with the estimate including the shipping cost. We require credit card payment before proceeding with the service. 

Below is a price list of Clover Mini repairs. Prices do not include shipping. 

Clover Mini 1.0:

  • Printer - $90
  • Printer Cover - $40
  • Printer roller and gear - $40
  • Swiper - $90
  • Chip Card - $90
  • We cannot repair the screen.

Clover Mini 2.0:

  • Printer - $90
  • Printer Cover - $40
  • Printer roller and gear - $40
  • We cannot repair the swiper, screen, or chip card.


    1. Purchase this Repair Item. Order one for each device.
    2. Print out your order confirmation/email.  
    3. On the order confirmation, detail in writing the problem you are having with the device.
    4. Put it in the box with the device.  
    5. Write your order # on the outside of the box. 
    6. Ship to: DCCS Repairs, 1530 Old Skokie Rd., Highland Park, IL 60035

      What happens after DCCS received the device?

      1. We will diagnose the device, to make sure that the problem can be repaired.
      2. You will receive an email invoice with the diagnosis and the total cost.
      3. Once this is paid, we will complete the repair.
      4. We will ship to you the device, and provide to you a tracking number.
      5. You will receive a one-year warranty on the part repaired.

      IMPORTANT:  If we are unable to repair the device we will let you know.  At that point you have two options. #1 - Have the product returned to you, or #2 - We will securely dispose of the device.