Dejavoo Terminal Repair Service

Dejavoo Terminal Repair Service

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Repair Policy: 

Prior to submitting your RMA Request we strongly recommend working with a technical support help desk representative to troubleshoot the issue and determine that the unit must come in for repairs and that the issue cannot be resolved remotely. To complete the RMR request we will need you to provide the following information: serial #(s) and a detailed description of the issue(s). We will then assign an RMR # (Return Merchandise Request) and provide you with shipping instructions. Please be sure to put the RMR# on the outside of the box. Upon receipt and inspection of the terminal(s), it/they will be repaired and the warranty status will be determined. Please note that damage to the unit(s) or apparent abuse (for example an attempt was made to open the plastic casing) will void any potentially available warranty. If we find no issue with the terminal(s), or you do not provide a detailed description of the issue, even under warranty, there is a $30.00 diagnostic fee assessed, plus shipping. A few examples of a detailed description would read like: “Terminal will not power on”, “Terminal will not communicate via IP”, “Terminal has a Tamper Alert”, etc.
When an RMR is sent in for repair and is out of warranty, or repairs are not covered under warranty, there are 3 levels of repair pricing:
·    Level 1- $50.00 – Nothing is found to be wrong with the hardware, we update any necessary software updates, clean and test the terminal.
·    Level 2- $80.00 – Includes any replacement of parts, software/firmware fixes that DO NOT require disassembly of the main case.
·    Level 3- $110.00 – Includes any repair or replacement of parts requiring disassembly of the main case.
·    Level 4- $135.00 – Untamper/Unlock and Clear Passwords from your Dejavoo credit card terminal

 The default price is $110 per device. If Level 1 or 2 repairs are needed, a refund will be issued as follows:

Level 1: $60 refund

Level 2: $30 refund

Level 3: No refund

Level 4: No Refund, +$25 charge

If you have any questions, please contact us at (847)266-1220 x.105 or your account representative. 

Ship to: DCCS Repairs, 720 Anthony Trail, NORTHBROOK, IL 60062.