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Standard 2 Year Warranty Extension

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Discount Credit Card Supply (DCCS) guarantees this product against defects in materials for a period of 2 years after the date of purchase.  During this period, DCCS will repair or replace a defective product or part without charge to the customer. The customer will pay for all transportation and insurance charges for sending the unit to be repaired after 90 days. DCCS' total liability is limited to the original product cost. DCCS is not responsible for loss due to damage caused by an electrical surge. DCCS is not responsible for loss if unit is damaged by willful misconduct, abuse, neglect, improper use, dropping, or submersion in water. Terminal re-programming, re-encryptions, UPP Loads, and DataCap Loads are included in the warranty. 

Warranty must be purchased within 21 days of initial product purchase.